A Hair Care Addict's Guide to the Best Aveda Products (2024)

A Hair Care Addict's Guide to the Best Aveda Products (1)

Aveda is the all-natural, holistic hair care brand that goes above and beyond to ensure we're rocking silky-soft, healthy locks. The brand draws inspiration from Indian rituals, herbal remedies and the ancient art of Ayurveda to provide a selection of elite hair care rituals that cater to all textures, lengths and colors. However, with such a vast collection of products, finding your perfect Aveda match may seem somewhat daunting - especially if you're a newbie to the world of hair care.

Below, we've rounded up the brand's most popular ranges to help you find your ideal hair care hero and unlock the secret behind salon-worthy locks.

Aveda Be Curly:

Go on, Be Curly, it's what your hair does best. Tailored to enhance those luscious curls, wavy locks and gorgeous ringlets, Aveda's Be Curly range is the Mecca for curly hair.

Harnessing the hair-loving potential of natural ingredients, Aveda have made a superior collection for our curly-haired friends. Vegan and cruelty-free, each remedy is brimming with active nutrients to bring out the best in your curls; whether it's a soothing shampoo, stellar styling product or nourishing conditioner, it's a must-have for your selection.

Browse the top-class range here on Cosmetify to find everything you need to hydrate, soften and style your lustrous curls.

Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

$26.94 $41.85 (36% off)

Welcome the enriching power of nature into your hair care routine with this entirely natural and organic remedy. Aveda are all about holistic, vegan and cruelty-free formulas, exemplified by the natural ingredients imbued into their leading shampoo for curly hair.

A soothing combination of organic aloe and wheat protein gently cleanses the scalp, manages frizz and makes styling your hair an effortless dream. Whilst you're lathering your locks with the luxurious shampoo, enjoy the wave of citrus notes that rejuvenate your shower routine.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

$26.94 $42.51 (37% off)

The iconic emblem of the 'Be Curly' collection, the bestselling Curl Enhancer has become the go-to styler for curly hair. The organic remedy intensifies each curl to add noticeable definition, texture and shine.

Vegan and natural, the bright green bottle is saturated in clean ingredients to produce luscious curls: wheat protein and organic aloe mix to expand your hair when it's wet and retract it when it's dry. The process seems simple but the results are impressive - your curls fall into a gorgeous shape and exude a silky-shine.

Aveda Be Curly Style Prep

$29.16 $32.40 (10% off)

Make styling your hair a stress-free and seamless doddle with Aveda's top-rate style prep. Designed to detangle knots, moisturize each cuticle and add definition to every curl, the organic remedy brings out the best in your curly locks.

Enjoy the softening blend of babassu oil and organic aloe as it locks in moisture to each strand. Suitable for all curl types and for every day use, the nourishing formula allows you to style your hair with ease and maintain a defined look throughout the day.

Aveda Shampure:

Suitable for all hair and body types, from wavy to tight, sensitive to oily, Aveda's Shampure range continues its holistic theme by incorporating a stream of organic and natural ingredients into each product.

Whether it's with a cleansing shampoo, softening conditioner or luscious body lotion, the wholesome team at Aveda have intricately created each formula to bring out the best in your hair or skin.

Shop the supreme selection of bestsellers here on Cosmetify to add some natural goodness to your skin and hair care routine. Whilst you're here, why not treat yourself to a complementary hair and skin care duo for lustrous locks and silky-smooth skin?

Aveda Shampure Nurturing Shampoo

$24.30 $27.00 (10% off)

A healthy scalp does wonders for how the rest of your hair looks, and we have just the product to care for your scalp. Incredibly gentle, this shampoo contains Abyssinian oil to cleanse and give your hair weightless nourishment, while finely scenting your strands with a gorgeous aroma of 25 flower and plant essences.

Aveda Shampure Nurturing Conditioner

$26.73 $29.70 (10% off)

For the ultimate haircare duo, follow the shampoo with the much-loved Nurturing Conditioner, which is bursting with enriching ingredients to detangle knots, produce a radiant shine and deliver hydration without weighing your hair down.

Welcome the soothing potential of plants into your shower routine and notice visibly smoother and softer locks.

Aveda Shampure Body Lotion

$5.35 $9.67 (45% off)

Imbued with 25 flower and plant essences, this luxurious body lotion soothes the body, mind and soul. The calming aromas create a relaxing pampering session that lets you indulge in some much-needed TLC.

Ylang-ylang, lavender and pettigrain evoke a dreamy, floral scent that occasionally takes your attention away from your silky-smooth, cashmere-soft and hydrated skin. Bask in an evening of tranquility with this body lotion that delivers moisture, hydration and a happy mind.

Aveda Damage Remedy:

The range name says it all, this deluxe collection is for damaged hair that needs some TLC. The diverse selection has a product for every hair type and every concern: find moisture-intensive treatments for dry and dull locks or strengthening shampoos for weak and fragile hair. Whatever you need, Aveda has it in their Damage Remedy range.

Much like the rest of Aveda's production line, Damage Remedy is spearheaded by the revitalizing power of plants. Instead of the typical stain of parabens, silicone and phthalates, Aveda imbue their nourishing products with natural and organic ingredients that complement a vegan lifestyle.

If all of the above sounds like it's made for your hair (why wouldn't it be?) then explore the bestsellers below to breathe life back into your locks.

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

$26.94 $50.48 (47% off)

This multi-purpose formula has two key functions: firstly, it repairs damaged hair and secondly, it prevents it from breaking in the future. For a hair care product that's made for the present and the future, this leave-in treatment is the one for you.

Organic and natural, the 99.8% naturally derived formula blends the reparation qualities of quinoa, the protective properties of Vitamin C and the calming components of macadamia oil. Add the must-have remedy to your routine and get visibly healthier hair in less than a week.

Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner

$38.88 $43.20 (10% off)

Enjoy the dual benefits of this enriching Restructuring Conditioner. Forming the base of the Damage Remedy collection, the potent formula simultaneously repairs and strengthens damaged hair whilst softening and smoothing your tresses.

Achieve hair that looks healthy and feels velvety-smooth after incorporating Aveda's bestselling conditioner into your shower routine. Quinoa extract renews your hair's appearance, an act that's supported by coconut and babassu to reveal tresses that are rich in moisture. For hair that looks on-point and feels flawless, choose Aveda's Restructuring Conditioner.

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment


You're used to having quinoa in your salad, but you can now enjoy its restorative qualities in your hair care routine. Combined with plant oils, quinoa protein extracts penetrate each cuticle to strengthen it from the follicle to the tip.

Complementing the quinoa extracts, a soothing blend of castor oil, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth and sleek. Improve the health of your hair's appearance and the texture of each strand with Aveda's standout treatment.

Aveda Invati:

Invati has skyrocketed to the top of the list in popularity, becoming a cult favorite with Aveda's followers for the efficiency, potency and replenishing power of their products.

Browse the bestselling selection here to discover everything you need for a thorough hair care routine: embrace the cleansing qualities of their shampoos, the softening potential of their conditioners and the nourishment of their Scalp Treatment.

Keeping in tune with the rest of Aveda's ranges, Invati is entirely comprised of vegan, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. Welcome the natural goodness into your hair care collection for hair's that nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated.

$32.34 $52.92 (39% off)

There are few more worrying signs than looking in the mirror and seeing your hair beginning to thin. Whilst we appreciate that it's tempting to wallow in sadness, there is an antidote.

Aveda's Scalp Masque nourishes the scalp and encourages fuller, thicker-looking locks. Plant-based polymers complement the stream of plant oils, adding strength to each strand without weighing down your hair.

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo Light

Welcome the ayurvedic practices of Indian yoga sessions into your hair care routine. Aveda have incorporated their holistic values into this invigorating shampoo, blending enriching herbs like turmeric and ginseng for rich and full-bodied locks.

Breathe moisture into dry hair, add a bouncy volume to your locks and cleanse your scalp with the soothing remedy. Your calmed and soothed hair is reminiscent of the relaxed yoga vibes from Indian retreats, streaming a sense of contentment into your morning routine.

Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner

$26.94 $43.20 (38% off)

Thicken and condition your locks with Invati's standout product. Certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free, Aveda have harnessed the power of plants and amino acids to mimic your hair's building blocks. The result is thicker, fuller and lustrous locks with a healthy bounce.

The lightweight formula adds texture and volume to your hair without weighing it down. Each strand is softened, smoother and stronger from the follicle to the tip, creating gorgeous, glossy locks you love to show off.

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A Hair Care Addict's Guide to the Best Aveda Products (2024)


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