CoryxKenshin: The Ankle Breaker Gamer with a Heart of Gold and a Story Beyond the Screen (2024)

CoryxKenshin, or Cory DeVante Williams as known on YouTube and social media, is an influential content creator with over 17 million subscribers on his channel and is known for creating comedic gaming videos. In a video, he said he had a girlfriend.

CoryxKenshin, the famous YouTuber was born on November 9, 1992. He has a massive fan following on YouTube and gives fresh content to the audience. He started his YouTube career in 2009, where he was initially playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and Bloodborne. It had a great reach and soon he started playing other games too. During his birth, he was diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia, where he lost all his teeth and his hair growth was completely stopped.

Anthony often appears in his videos and is an American citizen living in South Lyon, Michigan.

Online AliasCoryxKenshin
Real NameCory DeVante Williams
BirthdateNovember 9, 1992
BirthplaceBorn in Detroit, Michigan
ResidenceLives in South Lyon, Michigan with his mother and two younger siblings; however, also noted as currently living in Detroit, Michigan
OccupationYouTuber known for comedic gaming videos
YouTube Career StartStarted his YouTube channel in 2009
Subscribers & Net WorthOver 17 million subscribers with a net worth of $1 million. Earned primarily through gaming videos, monetization streams like merchandise sales, and ads.
Notable CollaborationsWorked with fellow YouTubers such as Yamimash, LordMinon777, Muyskerm, jacksepticeye, POiiSED, 8-BitRyan, runJDrun, MavAttack, YOuUuYUuU, Dashie OGChan, AKrptic Unknown, and Tear of Grace
Known ForWidely renowned for his “Five Nights at Freddy’s” gameplays and juking enemies earning him the title “The Ankle Breaker”.
EducationAttended a local high school followed by Michigan State University, where he pursued a degree in Media Arts.
Personal ConditionSuffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia, which affects his hair, skin, and nails. Due to this condition, he has only 24 teeth and no hair. Despite the challenges, fans have supported him generously, allowing him to purchase a car and uplift his living conditions.
Relationship StatusSingle, but has chosen to keep most of his personal life private.
Personal RelationshipsAnthony often appears in his videos. Both his mother and father work at Ford Motors Company.
Interests & BeliefsEnjoys anime and video gaming, and is a strong believer in the Christian faith.
Zodiac SignScorpio
Content ProductionTook a hiatus for several months, possibly due to mental health issues, but the exact reason remains undisclosed.

CoryxKenshin was born on November 9, 1992

CoryxKenshin has been a YouTube star since 2009, amassing millions of subscribers through his gaming videos. While most aspects of his personal life remain out of the limelight, fans remain intrigued about any potential romantic interests in his life.

He was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 9th 1992 as an American citizen and has one sibling. Both his mother and father work at Ford Motors Company. He enjoys both anime and video gaming a great deal and has long been playing them – being both an avid player as well as being an entrepreneur with his own gaming channel.

His condition, Ectodermal Dysplasia, affects his hair, skin, and nails – making him stand out and helping to gain him an audience online. With over 10 Million subscribers to his channel and gaming videos that explore humor or gaming; collaborations include Yamimash, and LordMinon777 Muyskerm jacksepticeye as well.

He is a YouTuber

CoryxKenshin is an immensely popular YouTuber with a vast fan base. He is best known for his humorous gaming videos and charming personality; yet due to not divulging much information about himself personally, there have been speculations and rumors pertaining to his romantic life.

Cory DeVante Williams was born November 9, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan. He is best known as a YouTube gamer and commentator on Let’s Plays as well as being an established comedian, charitable fundraiser, and online video star.

He has become widely renowned for his Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplays and for juking enemies to avoid capture, earning the moniker “The Ankle Breaker”. At present, he remains single but doesn’t disclose his relationship status publicly; he maintains close ties to several YouTubers like POiiSED, 8-BitRyan, runJDrun, MavAttack, YOuUuYUuU, Dashie OGChan AKrptic Unknown and Tear of Grace; in a YouTube video he also discussed Ectodermal Dysplasia as an experienced patient shared his experience of living with this rare genetic condition.

He has a net worth of $1 million

Cory DeVante Williams, better known by his online alias of CoryxKenshin, boasts an impressive net worth. He earned millions through gaming videos and social media presence as well as monetizing these streams by selling merchandise and placing ads.

He has amassed an enormous following and earned himself a strong reputation among gamers for his humorous take on gaming content creation. Unfortunately, however, his content production stopped for several months – this could have been caused by mental health issues; his hiatus from uploading games remains unknown to the general public.

Although he is widely followed on YouTube, he prefers to keep his personal life under wraps. He has never disclosed details regarding his relationship status and remains single at present. He maintains close ties with fellow YouTubers Yamimash, Muyskerm, and Jacksepticeye and holds strong beliefs in the Christian faith. Currently living in Detroit Michigan United States

He has a zodiac sign of Scorpio

CoryxKenshin has gained widespread acclaim for his gaming content, yet has chosen to remain silent regarding his personal life.

Cory DeVante Williams lives with his mother and two younger siblings in Detroit, Michigan. Born November 9, 1992 and named Cory DeVante Williams he attended local high school before enrolling at Michigan State University to earn a degree in Media Arts.

He has the unique ability to connect with his audience through humor and gaming videos, with his entertaining personality and originality gaining him a wide-reaching following. Cory also serves as an inspiration to young gamers worldwide. Cory suffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia which causes him to have only 24 teeth and no hair, however, fans support him through donations through YouTube videos; which have allowed him to purchase a car and improve living conditions for himself and others with this rare genetic disorder.


CoryxKenshin, a phenomenal gaming sensation, blends humor with heart, connecting deeply with his 17 million followers. Despite his massive online presence, Cory’s enigmatic personal life and resilience against his genetic condition make him a true YouTube enigma and inspiration. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

CoryxKenshin: The Ankle Breaker Gamer with a Heart of Gold and a Story Beyond the Screen (2024)


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