CoryxKenshin - Wiki, Bio, Facts, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth (2024)

CoryxKenshin, who has the real name Cory Devante Williams, is an American YouTube star, singer, songwriter, Twitch streamer, and gamer.

He is popular for his humor and playthroughs of popular games in the horror genre.


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CoryxKenshin first started his career in social media, specifically YouTube, in 2009. He shared his first video in 2013.

Then, in 2013, he started playing horror video games for the first time, namely White Finger. Meanwhile, the first game series he played was Super-Punch-Out!

Because her gaming skills are quite good, many people admire her. They think that Qory is one of the gamers who has extraordinary talent.

He started attending some gaming festivals, such as Comic-Con International and PAX-Eas.

During these events, he met some other famous YouTube stars, including Muyskerm, Yamimash, LordMinion777, and Jacksepticeye.

Apart from being an online game player, Qory also has a talent for singing. That was proven when she managed to release several songs. However, she prefers to stay focused on her online gaming career.

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Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

  • Height: 190 cm (6’3”)
  • Weight: 85 kg (187 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Body Measurements: 42-32-38 (Bust -42, Waist -32, and Hips -38 in inches)
  • Shoe Size: 10 (US)
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: Anthony K. Williams Jr
  • Mother: Stephanie Williams
  • Brother: Anthony Williams
  • Sister: Aleya Williams

Girlfriend & Dating History

Like other YouTube stars, he tried to keep his love life private. There is not much information about his romantic relationship.

There is not much information about his previous relationship as well.

Net Worth

His net worth is around $15 to $20 million. His main income comes from his YouTub channel.


Twitch brings a lot of money for him; he could gather at least around $4,500 to $9,000 from that platform.


According to Socialblade, he could gather around $23.5K to $375.4K in a month from that platform.

Then, in a year, he could earn an estimated $281.6K to $4.5M.


  • He has loved games since he was a child.
  • He is of Mixed ethnicity (African Descent)
  • His YouTube channel received a Community Guidelines warning after posting a video titled Try Not to laugh that was shared in 2019, because it contained child abuse.
  • Then, in 2021, Cory posted a video titled YouTube Gave Me a Strike & Won’t Tell Me Whay, that contains an explanation of the situation that happened to him, which resulted in him becoming frustrated because of the insults against him.
  • Qory is not in a romantic relationship with anyone.
  • He is also very private about his romantic relationships.
  • Although he is surrounded by many women, he only considers them as casual friends.
  • Cory suffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia which causes him to have only 24 teeth.
  • His favorite Marvel character is Spider-Man.
  • He has a cute pet dog named Samson.
  • His ideal type is …

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“Catch this work!”

“He kinda thick, though.”

“Get your ankles broken.”

“Freak you think you thought this was?”

“Take your pills, Cory. Take your pills.”

“saranghae” means “I love you” in Korean.

“I speak Japanese, and I am also black,” said SSS #2.

“Cheer up Tyr, don’t shed a tear.” (God of War: Ragnarok)

“WOOOOH HOOOO!” (Cory usually says it when he screams.)

“LET’S GO!!” (He says this after he beats games, levels, etc.)

“GET YO ANKLES BROKEN!!!” (He says this in most of his content.)

“A game isn’t a game until CoryxKenshin has played it – CoryxKenshin”

“I ain’t laughing, tho!” (He says this when he loses a try not to laugh.)

“Spiderman, Spiderman! He was black and he never knew.” (Happy wheels)

“Ankle Breaker, don’t fail me now!” (He said this while playing “Subnautica”.)

“WOOOOOH WEEEEEH!” (Cory does this to hype himself up after a highlight play.)

“Sit back, relax, and go grab some snacks.” (This is said in every Spooky Scary Sunday video.)

“Got ’em, red dot em!” (Cory says this after making a skillful shot in a game that has a sniper.)

“Springtrap got them ankles spring snapped.” (Cory said this in TJOC: R Halloween edition.)

“Y’all don’t want these problems.” (He says this phrase in different tones depending on the content of the video in which it was said.)

“Sup YouTube, what’s going on, CoryxKenshin here, and WEEELLLLCOME to…(add video content title here).” (This is Cory’s intro to every one of his videos.)

“Let’s get it!” (He said this very often in his Happy Wheels series. The word “in” can also be added at the end of this phrase, it is used both ways an equal amount of time.)

“I am the chosen!” (This is usually what he says at the beginning of his gameplays of difficult games that others say are impossible to beat. (Ex, “Getting Over It” by Bennett Foddy). The slash is meant to be there at the end, as it is how it is originally said by Cory.)

“What they throw, low cee blow?” (Though this is not a well-known phrase of his, he said this doing a hot sauce challenge when playing COD, and farther back in his YouTube career as well.)

“Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to S-S-S-Samurai SLICEEEE that like button, subscribe today to join the samurai, and until next time my brothas and sistas.” (This is Cory’s outro and in his most recent outro update, he adds different quotes from the bible, which he changes each time he makes a video. Cory said when playing Detroit: Become Human, while choosing something to paint.)

“Shut Up – CoryxKenshin” (Yes, you heard that right. He quoted himself. This was a quote Cory made in the first episode of the “Getting Over It” game series. The series that, sadly; only lasted two episodes.)

“You still freakin talkin’ – CoryxKenshin” (Yes. He quoted himself again. I wrote the previous quote, and this is a quote from the same video as the last.)

“IT’S YAH BOY TRENDY GAMER PLAYING ALL THE TRENDY GAMES!” (Sometimes Cory says it before he plays a game as his other personality of sorts ‘The Trendy Gamer’)

“Y’all can’t make me laugh.” (He says this in his try not to laugh videos at the beginning of the video.)

“Up down, up down.” (Cory does this when he first spawns in a game or “left right, left right” but that was only like two times. Up, down, up, down was also on his taken-down merch.)

Aside from having amazing skills in playing online games, CoryxKenshin is also talented in singing. He is also able to write song lyrics for himself to sing.

CoryxKenshin - Wiki, Bio, Facts, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth (2024)


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